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At Classic Car Wash & Oil Change we offer a quick No Hassle oil change service.

Although we perform other automotive preventative maintenance services, you will never be pressured to make additional purchases.

518 Main St. Leominster, MA 01453
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday 7:30am - 5:00pm
Sunday 8:00am - 4:00pm (Car Wash Only)

Oil Change & Repair Center will be closed on Sunday's. Car Wash will remain open 7 days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get an oil change?

Follow the specifications set by your vehicle manufacturer, as different engines have different needs. When you get an oil change, you’ll get a handy little sticker to remind you when to get your oil changed next, based on time or mileage. Customers should always follow manufactures recommendations for their specific vehicle. (And, as always, bring your car in to get it checked out if you notice performance issues or oil spotting before that point.)

Why should I do a full oil change instead of just topping it off?

When you add new motor oil to bring your oil levels back up to normal, the old, sludgy, dirty oil doesn’t disappear—it’s just mixed with the new, fresh, clean oil. This puts more stress on the new oil and keeps it from working as well as it could. By all means, top off your oil if you’re in an emergency low-oil situation, but make sure to follow up with a full oil change!

Is it better to change your oil when it’s hot or cold outside?

Trick question: it’s important to change your oil year round. However if it is cold outside, you may want to run your engine for 5 minutes before the oil change so that the oil flows out of the drain plug easily when changing the oil.

What is checked during an oil change

Check vehicle lights (including signals and brake lights) Lubricate chassis as necessary. Inspect belts, hoses, steering, suspension, skid plates and undercarriage. We check engine air filters and cabin air filters (if vehicle is equipped with one).

What happens if you go too long without an oil change?

Motor oil does a multitude of jobs for your engine as well as your car's overall performance. One of these jobs is to lubricate the many moving pieces underneath your hood. If you happen to miss an oil change and the motor oil starts to lose effectiveness, these parts won't be properly lubricated. This could result in pieces grinding together or simply not moving at the rate your car needs to perform.

What types of vehicles can you wash?

We can take care of cars, trucks, and vans. Height limit is 7’2” (86 inches). At the moment we can’t wash trucks with dual wheels.

What is the difference between liquid polish and wax?

Liquid Polish is a cleaner not a wax and will essentially tackle those stubborn stains while adding gloss and luster to your vehicle’s finish. On the other hand, wax is a protective layer that shields your car’s exterior from the elements.

How often should I have my vehicle washed?

It depends on the external factors that your car is exposed to. For example, salt or other corrosive matter such as sand should be washed off approximately every week. In seasons or climates less conducive to corrosion, every two or three weeks should be adequate. One important factor that could vary those figures is whether your car is parked in a garage overnight or left out in the elements.

Do you offer gift cards or certificates?

Yes. Wash packs and gift cards can be purchased at our location or online. It’s a great idea for Holiday gift giving, birthdays, promotions, etc.

Quality First!

The next time you need a quick oil change, some preventative maintenance, or want your car to sparkle and shine, stop by and visit our friendly, professional staff. We will be certain you roll out with a smile!
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